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A yoga ball is also known by various names. Some of them are- swiss ball, exercise ball, body ball, fitness ball, gym ball, pilates ball, etc. 

A yoga ball is a big elastic ball (14 to 34 inches) filled with air. It can be used for various reasons such as physical therapy, athletic training and exercise. 

People usually prefer using an exercise ball than doing exercises on the floor because body reacts to the instability that the ball has and by doing this, the body uses many more muscles which means effect on more areas. Fitness from exercise ball focuses mainly on core body muscles such as- abdominal and back muscles. 

Working on unstable surfaces build up your core muscles and uses more strain to maintain the balance. This activates more muscles in the exercise which means greater and faster results. It also helps in increasing strength and brings body stability to avoid any future injuries.

How to choose an exercise ball?

  1. Size– You can find variety of sizes in an exercise ball. You would know the right size when you know for what purpose you are going to use it as. For example, if you want to get one for your child just for entertainment purposes, then you should go for a smaller size.
  2. Durability– If you are buying a product which is going to be used by you a lot, then if should have a long durability level. Many exercise balls hold a weight limit and some can hold thousands of pounds. Before buying one, make sure to get the one with thick material. It will be cherry on the top if it comes with a warranty.
  3. Extras-  You would be excited to know that some exercise balls come with accessories that fulfils the purpose of having a package workout. Plan your workout exercises so that you know what all equipments you will need to complete your workout properly. Extra accessories can include resistance band or pumps to fill the ball. 

Here are some of the best yoga balls that you can find on amazon easily:

1. URBNFit exercise ball:

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Our all time favourite high quality exercise ball is URBNFit ball. Produced using top notch PVC, the ball has a non-slip surface and is blasted safe as much as 2,000 pounds. It additionally accompanies a speedy inflation pump just as additional attachments and an exercise guidance book. The URBNFit ball is accessible in numerous measurement sizes (45cm, 44cm, 65cm, 75cm and 85 cm) and comes in the accompanying colors: dark, blue, green, pink, purple, red, silver, and white.

It is said that many exercise balls give a strong and awful odor. But the reviews for URBNFit exercise ball are mostly positive. It contains no smell and the pump is easy to use. The ball is made of thick material and it is very comfortable to use. 

2. Vivora Luno:

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People who spend number of hours at work sitting on a chair all day long. This causes problems like back ache, slouch posture, etc. The ball seat includes a handle, which makes for simpler conveying, just as well as a non-slip grasp that guards you stable and secure during work. The top quality anti-burst PVC ball accompanies your decision of a chenille, calfskin leatherette or olefin cover, which is makes sitting comfortable —regardless of whether you’re wearing shorts or a skirt. The ball functions admirably in the workplace, however can likewise be utilized for yoga, Pilates, and different activities. Vivora Luna balls are particularly made for work area and is produced in colours from marble to charcoal. 

3. Gaiam Kid Balance Ball:

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Kids are fascinated by colourful balls. A child size exercise ball can keep the child engaged in healthy activities and can also become a form to exercise sometimes. They CAN exert their excess energy while playing with the ball. These exercise balls have long durability as they can take a lot of bouncing. Children between the age of 5 to 8 and having weight limit of around 300 pounds can go for a 45cm Gaiam Kid Balance Ball. 

4. Live Infinitely Exercise Ball:

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If you are a newcomer and you are at the learning stage, then the best exercise ball recommended to you in Live Infinitely Exercise Ball. It is super affordable and you get lots of accessories with it. It provides with a guide book to guide the newbies in the house.  The ball is build from BPA- and latex-free PVS material and has the weight capacity of over 2,200 pounds. It comes along with a hand pump, additional air plugs, and valve remover tool, and also provides one-year unlimited warranty. 

5. Trideer Exercise Ball:

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If you are concerned about the problem that is the exercise ball strong enough to hold your weight that you should definitely go for Trideer Exercise Ball. It is known to have one of the highest density in category of exercise balls and can hold pressure up to 2,200 pounds. It is extra-thick and is made of very high quality material.  It can also be used for Pilates and yoga to strengthen your core muscles and increase flexibility. It comes with a foot pump and it is produced in various bright colours. 

It has a 12-month warranty as well. 

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