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About The Buddha Teas

A decent cup of tea offers a nourishing atmosphere that feeds the soul while satisfying the senses, Buddha Teas thinks. We aim to include a fun and wide variety of additive-free alternatives, including herbal, orange, white and black teas, as well as specially formulated blends. 

Their goal is to deliver the best quality teas accessible to our dedicated tea drinkers, while retaining a reasonable price point. In this manner, we will give the experience they crave to anyone who wants a genuinely superb cup of tea.

Utilizing cost-friendly and ecologically sustainable recycled materials, every box in their tea collection has been produced. Most of this material is manufactured from reused post-consumer newspaper, allowing new use of waste paper products after consumption. 

This helps us to limit the accumulation of waste in landfills along with the need for new paper products, rendering it the most environmentally conscious alternative open to us as an enterprise. All of their packages, undoubtedly, are 100% recyclable.

Best Selling Products

1. Organic Sleep Temple Blend Tea

Organic Sleep Temple Blend Tea

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With a refreshing cup of Sleepy Temple Mix, a smooth flower flavour medley that allows for a great end-of-day distraction, take the time to relax. The enticing aromas and flavours of well-recognized floral teas such as chamomile, hibiscus and lavender are used in this herbal mix, expertly admiring them with the pleasant properties of spearmint and an interesting touch of licorice. Does the refreshing combination of flavours give you a smooth and fulfilling taste? Discover that this green tea blend is a wonderful boon to your tea set and your evening ritual by indulging in a rejuvenating cup of Sleepy Temple Blend.                                

Buddha tea is filled with strong antioxidants and has also been tested to help shield the skin from premature ageing. The Buddha tea has historically been used to relieve general discomfort, decrease inflammation, assist with common eye conditions such as conjunctivitis, improve brain wellbeing, and “improve vitality.”

2. Tgl Little Buddha Green Tea

Tgl Little Buddha Green Tea

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When you mix a delicate Green Sencha along with an eruption of spices and fruits that are fiery and soothing, you get a captivating drink that transports you into calm. The ‘yin’ of this mix, concurrently balanced by the soothing ‘yang’ from the roots of Roman Chamomile and Sandalwood, shapes the red peppers and our trademark Indian spice sweetener.                  

A special blend of pineapple and papaya gives a touch of fruity flavour, while maintaining the drama. This is a single cup to be experimented with and suitable for the days where you want stability, vitality and inner harmony.

Why You Should Buy From This Brand?

1. Purity

Buddha Teas recognizes that purity is essential. Although much of today’s consumer goods are manufactured and packed beyond comprehension, we aspire to return to natural goods. We deliver 100% unaltered, herbal, and wild-crafted teas, wrapped in bleach-free bags produced from the cleanest herbs and healthiest nutritional tea leaves. Our clients take pleasure in learning that a mug of additive- or toxin-free green tea can be enjoyed. With our today’s fast range of natural teas; it is set to become an easy, satisfying experience to find the right fit for a particular need.

2. Bleach Free Tea Bags

Both our teas are sold in tea bags that are chlorine free. This is essential because bleached tea packs can contain dangerous by-products that may have carcinogenic characteristics, like dioxin and epichlorohydrin.

3. 100% Kosher

Our tea range is 100% kosher. Since we appreciate the significance of kosher, when introducing new teas to our list, this is a quality we can never forget.

4. No GMOs

GMOs are biologically engineered organisms which scientists have changed. Genetically modified foods, though do cause health hazards, which is why we aim to sell only items that are non-GMO.

5. Clean Ingredients

Both of our teas are clear of MSG, meaning there is no monosodium glutamate in them. MSG is an undesirable additive that is believed to allow the body to have a plethora of harmful, possibly hazardous experiences.

6. 100% Recycled And Recyclable

In order to help and preserve our climate, we deliver different eco-friendly approaches. During manufacturing, eco-friendly strategies are constantly implemented and packaging shipped out is 100 percent recyclable.

7. No Artificial Colors Or Flavors Or Preservatives

Our high-quality teas are made from undiluted, natural ingredients. With a pure brewed cup of tea made without any needless preservatives or chemical additives, you will be happily pleased.

Payment And Delivery

Mastercard, Visa, including American Express, or even Discover are approved by us. Both purchases made would be in U.S. currency and paid.

Be sure to provide the appropriate e-mail address and telephone number so that if there is a difficulty handling your request, we can notify you.

For each request, all herbs including teas are freshly packaged and will be shipped out as soon as possible. For ground delivery, $25.00 for air shipping, and $35.00 for nighttime, we offer a flat rate of $3.99. U.S. shipments typically arrive with express delivery within around 2-3 days and land shipping about 3-5 days.

There are welcome foreign requests. Kindly verify local laws and traditions with respect to the importance of the goods you wish to order.


With every buy, Buddha Teas offers not just quality tea, but a satisfying experience. They aspire to fit each client with the ideal tea through experienced employees and customer awareness tools available on our web. 

They welcome customer reviews with the aim that all consumers are looked after and happy with their interaction. Their pledge is that at their Buddha Teas, you can never find better content, consistency, or service than you can.

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