How To Maintain Your Mental Health

Every man has a breaking point.” – Shawshank Redemption

Life has its ups and down. These are the things that makes you feel alive. In our way of getting through, we forget how to live and just exist. The burden of oneself is heavier than the burden of life. So let’s not waste the only chance we have to live to our fullest. You don’t know what lies after death so lets not rely on the uncertain. 

Mental and emotional health is vital for our body. Brain controls each and every function of the body. Imagine what if the main computer is damaged? The entire system comes crashing down. Our mental health can affect the entire functioning of the body. Thus, physical health is not enough. 

It is important to look after yourself mentally as it can affect our emotions, behavior and thoughts negatively. It can exhaust us mentally and then physically. Healthy mind leads to healthy body.

Here are few tips on how you can focus on self care.

Let’s get into it! 

1. Share!


I cannot emphasize enough that “sharing is caring.” You must share your thoughts and problems with your closed ones. Sharing can help you feel less burdened. Your close ones will definitely understand your situation and will not leave you alone in your difficult times. They can provide you with the kind of support you are looking for. 

2. Meditate:


Take some time out of your day and meditate for half an hour. This brings peace to your mind and stabilize it. It trains our mind to stay calm during work and check on own negative emotions. Meditate takes in good amount of oxygen in the body and travels it to all part of the body. This brings calmness run through your entire body. 

3. Exercise:


Aerobic exercises, swimming, jogging, walking, gardening, etc. have been proved to reduce anxiety and depression. It negates negative moods and improve self-esteem. Exercises increase blood circulation in the brain which stimulates healthy functioning of the mind.  

4. Start diary writing:


Personally, this is a very good and tested method for maintaining peaceful mind. Write your feelings down. Write about your day or write about your goals. Making a list of things that needs to be completed helps. It is more organized and gives you satisfaction once you start ticking off the work from to-do list. If you are not comfortable communicating verbally, then you are pin down your thoughts and convey your message in written form. 

5. Find a hobby:


Every individual has a hobby or an activity that they love to do or that they are good at. They find peace in doing those activities. It could be drawing, dancing, singing, social work, etc. Find your hobby and let your inner talent come out. It is a great distraction from your hectic life.

6. Have a buddy:


This is a concept that countries like US, Canada, etc. practices. For people you suffer from anxiety or any mental diseases, they are often introduced to a buddy. A buddy could be anyone. It could be a human being, a dog or cat or even a thing, depending upon the needs of the affected person. Buddies are someone who you can trust completely, they will give you support during your breakdown and gives you pure happiness in life.

7. Stay Positive:


Always remember to stay positive even in the most difficult time of your lives. 

Don’t let society influence your mind and body. Indulge in self-care routines and don’t let unsupported assumptions lead your actions. Always look at the bright side. Always remember “It is just a phase, it will pass.”

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