10 Nail Care Tips for Healthy, Strong, Beautiful Nails

We all want our nails to look beautiful and presentable. A healthy nail has inherited properties of protecting the fingertips and the soft tissues surrounding it from injuries. It also provides support and counter-pressure from force applied on the pulp of the finger. 

Dirty nails are a sign of unhygienic lifestyle. Clean and shiny nails make your hands look elegant and pretty. Nails are as important as any other body part yet it’s maintenance and importance is not given much attention. Dirty nails can cause infections and in worse cases, you might have to get your nail removed.  

Here are various tips on how you can keep your nails healthy from home!


1. Wash your hands:


Whenever you come from outside or complete doing an activity, always wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and remove the dirt from your nails. Remember to dry them off after washing as nails tends to get soggy and loses their hardness in water.


2. Cut your nails regularly:


Just like our hair needs to be trimmed to get rid of damaged ends, our nails need to be cut so that they don’t carry germs with them. Use nail cutter to cut your nails in shape. 


3. Do not bite your nails:


Your nails could be carry germs and dirt. Taking you nails in mouth will directly transfer germs in you body and cause problems. It can also damage the nail. 


4. Soak the nails in warm salt water if they are too thick to cut:


This tip is for those who have very thick and hard nails. Warm water and salt will make your nails soften up. It will be easier to cut nails after that. All you have to do is mix one tsp of salt in one pint of warm water and dip your fingers in it and keep it for 5-10 minutes.


5. Apply nail polish if you have weak nails:


Applying a coat of nail polish provides a protective layer on you nails. It gives support to weak or brittle nails. Applying a coat of nail polish also protects them in general. 


6. Wear footwear: 


Always put on some footwear if you are going out in public places such as parks, swimming pool, markets, etc. This will prevent you from catching any infections.


7. Wear shoes that properly fits you:


Wearing shoes bigger or smaller than your size can put pressure of you nails or put heavy impact on them. It can cause blood clotting and breakage of nail. 


8. Remove nail polish:


Always remove your nail polish once it starts chipping off. Eating food with your fingers painted with nail polish can cause health issues.


9. Use a nail filer: 


Use a nail filer to remove the extra dirt that is stuck in the corners of your nails and hard to get rid of. They cannot be easily washed off. Remove the hangnails from the inner sides of the nails.

10. Apply cream:


To moisturize your nails, apply hand and nail creams to keep them shiny, healthy and beautiful.

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