5 Best Gym Gloves for Women

We know how important workout gear is before we begin our daily routine of hitting the gym. Personally, for me, the clothes I wear to the gym decide which mood I’m going to be in. Now, this also includes the usage of proper protective gear like hand gloves, knee caps, etc.

Workout/gym gloves are an entirely personal choice and you should know a little bit more about its benefits:

  1. Firmness and grip – we sweat a lot while working out and it is important to make sure that our sweaty palms don’t result in his slipping and falling.
  2. Avoiding Bruises – usage of heavy machinery can easily lead to excess pressure at certain points on the palm, resulting in a bruise or peeling of the awesome.
  3. Wrist support – many times, we the gloves also cover the wrist and provide a cushioned layer to its ligaments. This prevents any unusual twists and turns on your story.

Now that we know the exact benefits of using gym gloves for weight training especially, it’s time to clear up the confusion of which ones are the most efficient. With some research and my experience of 3 years in the gym, I’ve got a list of 5 gym gloves for women that will definitely keep the wrist and palm protected, and provide a strong grip to the palms.

Here are 5 best Gym gloves for women that we have come across:

  • Xtrim Unisex Macho Leather Gym Workout Gloves

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Strain Reducers –

  • These gloves are known for their thin material that ensures zero strain while lifting even really heavyweights.
  • The material of these gloves guarantees that there will be no slipping of weights and provide a firm grip on them.
  • The natural leather material ensures that the glove acts as an additional ligament layer that will provide firmness to the wrists while working out and lifting heavier weights.


  • This glove runs a size small so make sure you check your sizes correctly.
  • Since the material is thin, it provides a little less cushioning.
  • Washing these gloves is not recommended because of the PU material. Instead, it can be turned inside out and hung in the sun.

Joyfit – Gym Gloves with Wrist Wraps

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Nylon straps and plastic protection – these gloves are made of shock absorbing nylon straps that provide shock endurance and firmness to the palm and wrists. The plastic layer makes sure there are enough padding and protection in order to prevent any bruises or minor injuries that could affect the performance while lifting weights. These gloves are extremely versatile and can also be used for other outdoor activities such as cycling.


  • Due to its plastic material, it does not have the best grip but it’s manageable.
  • The product is costlier than the average price of gym gloves.

Noova Microfiber Full Palm Protection Weight Lifting Gym Gloves for Women with Wrist Support Wraps

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  • Non-slip mesh and wrist straps – the protective layer of the mesh provide a firm surface that will prevent any slipping and sliding.
  • These gloves give the best grip at anything from barbells to heavier weights.
  • The wrist straps provide an extra layer of protection to the wrists and prevent them from twisting at the wrong angles.
  • The padding on the gloves also makes sure that there are no bruises or callouses while weight lifting.


  • Not very comfortable for outdoor sports or cycling as they claim.
  • Sturdier than normal gloves which reduce flexibility.




  • Much better grip than the synthetic gloves – these gloves are designed especially for women and aim mainly at providing a stable and strong grip for working with weights or even other activities such as cycling.
  • They absorb the sweat and hence, by keeping the palms dry, they provide cushioning to the wrists too.
  • There is a layer of double coated padding that is soft and creates another layer of cushioning to the palms and wrists.


  • Mesh isn’t the most suitable material for a long-lasting product. These generally tend to tear apart in a few months of usage.
  • Even though the palms and wrists have protective cushions, the fingers are not covered. Hence, it may cause callouses and bruises if used for heavy weight lifting.

DreamPalace India Women’s Gym Gloves

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  • Extra benefits – these are made of neoprene which deals with compression and heat retention, which aids blood circulation.
  • These gloves also provide an adjustable wrist closure.
  • The design is extremely comfortable and of a good fitting as it also is easy to wear and remove.
  • The half-finger design makes sure that the friction is improved.
  • The outer layer of cushioning also ensures that all bruises will be prevented.


  • They only provide free size and hence, it’s difficult to find the right size gloves.
  • The padding on the palms makes it sweaty and slippery and hence, is not recommended for outdoor activities like cycling.

Now that you know how gym gloves could benefit you, it is upto you to decide if you want to include them in your daily routine at the gym. Just make sure you use the right ones and do not compromise on the prices and quality.

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